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How much time might I need to spend with Nexcerpt each day?
This is entirely up to you. Some customers set Nexcerpt to automatic mode and rarely touch their account. In this mode, Nexcerpt will publish the best excerpts to the Audiences you prefer, on whatever Schedule you specify. Other customers visit their account every day to review their excerpts, tweak their Queries, and add or edit comments for the Report they will publish.

How do I sign up for Nexcerpt?
All it takes is a phone call to Nexcerpt, at 1-269-226-9550, or an e-mail to info@nexcerpt.com to let us know of your interest.

How easy is it to set up my Nexcerpt account?
Setting up your account takes about ten minutes. Our Customer Service group will provide you a username and password, then spend a few minutes with you over the phone orienting you to your account. We're available to help with whatever you like, including setting Audience or Schedule Priorities, and optimizing your Queries.

How do I begin using my Nexcerpt account?
When you log in to your Account, simply complete your Identity page and create at least one Query and Audience (you may manage Queries and Audiences -- along with Schedules, Priorities, and Preferences -- at any time). As soon as you submit a Query, Nexcerpt begins finding material to match your needs. Your Draft will contain those relevant excerpts the very next day.

Every step is guided by clear, simple instructions, and of course Nexcerpt's Customer Service Group is always available to assist you in building more effective Queries, customizing your Audiences, and other tasks to help you get started.

Does Nexcerpt require any technology integration?
No, none at all. Because it's Web-based, Nexcerpt makes no platform compatibility or software maintenance demands on your organization. Simply open a browser and begin! The intuitive interface means there's no learning curve or training expense. We handle all product enhancements and upgrades on our own servers; you use a world-class service that's fully portable and scalable.

How long will it take to start my service?
It's very quick; the full service can be available to you immediately. A member of our courteous, professional Customer Service team will establish your new, secure account in minutes, and you'll be on your way to enhancing your standing as a leader in your industry.

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