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FAQ:  Audiences

What is an Audience and how is it used?
Audiences are the recipients of your published Reports. Your Reports may be delivered by e-mail, or published directly to a public web page or to your corporate intranet.

What types of Audiences can I publish my Reports to?
You may publish your Nexcerpt Report to any Audience that can receive e-mail, or directly to a web site they visit. Your Audiences may include people in your organization (staff, employees, and executives), outside targets (clients, prospects, and peers), a small or wide readership at a public web site, or those who access your corporate intranet.

How many Audiences can I have?
Nexcerpt permits you to create a maximum of eight Audiences. Through e-mail lists or web delivery, you may reach an unlimited number of people in each Audience.

How many e-mail addresses can a single Audience contain?
The E-mail Address field can contain one or more addresses. To include many addresses in one Audience, you may wish to create a mailing list outside of Nexcerpt. Just add the e-mail addresses of all Audience members to your mailing list. Then, simply publish your Nexcerpt Report to the single e-mail address of that mailing list.

Does Nexcerpt send HTML-formatted e-mail?
Yes, but only if you wish. Nexcerpt can send either plain text or HTML-formatted e-mail.

How are my Reports published to my secure corporate intranet?
When you set up your service, Nexcerpt's engineers work with yours to create a secure "tunnel" through which the Reports will be published. Like all Nexcerpt data, this highly confidential and often proprietary information will remain private and secure.

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