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FAQ:  Drafts and Reports

What does a Nexcerpt Draft look like?
A Draft contains short excerpts, labeled for their relevance to your interests, and sortable by any criteria, along with a summary of your current Draft and various control tools. The excerpts are gleaned from thousands of authoritative online sources, and may be extremely targeted or very broad, depending upon your Queries. By changing your preferences, you may specify how many words you wish each excerpt to contain.

For a specific example, please see our online Guided Tour. We suggest that you take the entire Guided Tour if you have not done so already.

How often does Nexcerpt create a Draft for me?
The Drafts arrive in your online account every day, at the time you specify in your Schedule. You may instruct Nexcerpt to accrue the best excerpts over any number of days, or to discard the old excerpts each day.

How often may I publish my Nexcerpt Report?
Once per day -- or less often if you prefer. You may choose automated publishing on any day, or keep the publishing Schedule entirely under your control. Also, you may select and comment on several excerpts any day, then discard the others without publishing. Nexcerpt will continue to accrue the best excerpts for as many days as you like, until you have gathered excerpts and comments worthy of your Audiences.

What are my choices for delivery method?
You may publish via text e-mail, HTML e-mail, to a web site, to an intranet, or other specialized methods such as a datafeed (call for specifics on specialized methods).

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