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FAQ:  Practical Applications

How could Nexcerpt improve the way I gather and distribute information today?
Nexcerpt takes results handling to a new level: every step is both automated and intelligent. First, Nexcerpt searches thousands of online resources for precisely the material you specify, in Queries as complex or as simple as you wish. It returns you a Draft containing both URLs and relevant excerpts. You scan the excerpts, retaining only those you want to distribute to your Audiences, and add any expert comments. When you have built exactly the Report you want, simply click "Publish," and Nexcerpt delivers your annotated Report automatically to the Audiences you named. It's that simple -- and that powerful.

How is Nexcerpt being used by others?
Among Nexcerpt users, some share their Reports on a public web site; others distribute them internally to their staff, employees, and executives; and many focus on demonstrating their expertise to clients, prospects, peers, competitors, or industry.

Motivations for using Nexcerpt include winning new business, retaining clients, distinguishing oneself from competitors, attracting regular readers to a web site, becoming an industry leader, educating staff or colleagues, creating a network of collaboration, and more.

Who is most likely to find Nexcerpt valuable?
A variety of people derive daily benefit from Nexcerpt; those responsible for gathering and sharing quality information will find the service indispensable. Such users include professionals for whom information exchange is a primary task, including those active in communications, marketing, public relations, business intelligence, and financial services.

A sample of Nexcerpt clients would include information specialists, librarians, political organizations, directors of marketing and communications, public relations executives, IT managers, and corporate strategists.

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