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Features and Benefits

“Nexcerpt relieves the burden for employees spending vast amounts of time finding information from the Internet as a whole, so they can instead focus on sharing knowledge with others. Those that will benefit from the solution are companies of all sizes, including smaller organizations with fewer resources, as they can retrieve and distribute far more information.”
The Butler Group, November 2002

Features Benefits
Simplicity and Efficiency Makes powerful tools easy to use and understand
Offers quick user configuration and content audit
Works intuitively and uniformly within a single interface
Coordinates selection, annotation, and delivery of data fully
Flexibility Permits quick adding, editing, and updating of user profiles
Annotates and disseminates any amount of information easily
Delivers by e-mail, either as HTML or plain text
Publishes to web sites, either public or private
Automation Saves time by replacing manual search routines
Assures thorough, unattended news monitoring and retrieval
Relevance Filters, scores and prioritizes all new information daily
Focuses your time on the freshest, most relevant content
Completeness Ensures data currency through perpetual monitoring
Instills confidence through awareness of industry news
Accesses thousands of sources, including user-selected sites
Co-Branding Reinforces branding and identity with co-branded e-mails
Creates new branding through web newsletter publishing
Availability Provides access from any web browser, anytime, anywhere
Navigates many tasks using one flexible web interface
Communicates using standard, universal web protocols
Cost-Effectiveness Cuts data and news production time and expenses
Eliminates costly research and data mining
Lowers administration costs
Reduces implementation costs
Increases effectiveness without increasing budget

Technical Requirements
Nexcerpt leverages standard web-based technology, so it's easy to deploy without triggering integration issues. The service is easy to use for anyone from novice to expert, for small to enterprise-scale projects. Nexcerpt's simplicity saves organizations from costly software maintenance expenditures and platform interoperability challenges.

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