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Product Enhancements To Save Time and Money Through One-Of-A-Kind Publishing Technology, Comprehensive Coverage, And Unique Text Analysis

Kalamazoo, MI - November 1, 2003 - Nexcerpt, Inc., a provider of innovative media monitoring and media report publishing products, today announced several product enhancements designed to dramatically reduce time spent managing media clippings and distributing this information to key internal and external sources. These product enhancements further position Nexcerpt's offering as one of the most unique and user-friendly media monitoring services available.

The improvements Nexcerpt has made further enhance text analysis, publishing capabilities, and user experience, and include an expanded set of relevant sources. The addition of these new features reinforces what the company believes is a unique service that places significant value on a user's ability to easily share information gathered through the media monitoring process.

"Users of traditional media monitoring services often find the process of reading, organizing, and distributing media clips to be time-consuming and expensive. Many large companies dedicate a significant portion of an employees' time toward the management and distribution of media clippings, and the final reports typically generate an information overload effect," said Julie Stock, CEO of Nexcerpt. "Nexcerpt's solution can help reduce time and money spent on media monitoring, and can allow users to spend more time working with the media and less time monitoring it."

Nexcerpt's unique solution uses proprietary text analysis technology to monitor thousands of media sources and highlight a user's most relevant information in a digestible article excerpt. Nexcerpt then allows users to easily distribute this information to their relevant audiences with a one-of-a-kind publishing tool that can be configured for either manual or automatic delivery. Enhancements to this core functionality include:

Improved text analysis that increases accuracy of clippings, reduces the occurrence of non-relevant articles, and optimizes the media monitoring process.
Enhanced publishing capabilities, which now allow Nexcerpt users to use XML to publish to a database or use FTP to publish directly to a company intranet site;
Expanded sources, which now include more than 3,800 daily and weekly newspapers; magazines; trade journals; web sites; wire services; professional, technical, and governmental databases; corporate notices and press release pages; and numerous other sources;
Expanded user experience, which now includes the ability to archive and display past issues.

"We continue to work closely with our users to enhance the Nexcerpt service to save time and increase usability of media clippings," said Stock. "These recent product enhancements make media clippings even more valuable through enhanced automation and expansion of sources."

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About Nexcerpt
Nexcerpt offers innovative media monitoring services that save users significant time and increase the usability of media information. The company offers an internet-based product that provides one-of-a-kind information retrieval, user annotation, publishing, and audience feedback in one simple and intuitive process. Nexcerpt is privately held and located in Kalamazoo, MI. For more information visit www.nexcerpt.com or call 269.350.3573.

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