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Animal Companions
Observing how animal companions influence our lives...
... on Animals
- as of 07/25/2017
Watching a popular technology movement grow...
... on Makerspaces
- as of 07/23/2017
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
Following the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and Bay watershed...
... on CBF
- as of 07/23/2017
Innovation Districts
Monitoring new civic placemaking strategies...
... on Innovation
- as of 07/23/2017
World News Theme
A small random sample of world news from the past few hours.
... on World News
Business News Theme
A small random sample of business news from the past few hours.
... on Business
Tsunamis and Cyclones (custom format)
This query originally focused on the December 2004 tsunami, 2008 Cyclone Nargis, and other oceanic disasters. It now selects items related to thethe human, social, and financial effects of such events.
... on Tsunami News
Automated query-based XML / RSS by Exfacto!
Nexcerpt's XML implementation -- Exfacto! -- creates a feed for web presentation (readable by any RSS-capable application), or data aggregation (for content analytics or trend research).
Exfacto! for Crowdlanding.com (daily)
Monitoring equity crowdfunding news for Crowdlanding...
... on Crowdfunding
Exfacto! for Anti-Phishing Working Group (several times daily)
From one feed, APWG may display clickable headlines only, or headlines with excerpts, for Phishing and eCrime News. Below, a simple javascript call displays their current feed.
... on Phishing

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