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Your Current Draft contains one page of excerpts for each of your Keyword Queries. (Draft editing is optional. By default, Nexcerpt e-mails you the ten best results each day.)

Return to Draft, Proof summary.

1 Nexcerpt tallies excerpts for each Query. To view a Query's results, click its name.
2 Nexcerpt allows you to Save any changes you've made to the displayed results.
3 Select an action to perform on the excerpts you've checked, then click OK.
4 Each tab displays a count of excerpts it contains; click a tab to view them.
5 You may sort displayed excerpts by any column -- just click a column header.
6 Check the box for each excerpt you want to move (or to 'Stamp' for priority).
7 Symbols represent Resource character (other than General / Newspaper / Daily).
8 Match/Score reflects an excerpt's score, and number of keyword matches.
9 Stamped excerpts will appear in your next Autopublish Issue (if you have one).
10 You may create your own custom excerpt and add it to your Draft.
11 You may view more results for this Query, or the next Query.

You may edit your Draft to include or discard excerpts.

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