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Thanks for your interest in Nexcerpt. This Guided Tour highlights several important features of our service. After this brief Tour, you'll be able to create your own free trial account, then run queries and publish your own issues. Nexcerpt scans over 60,000 new articles every day... some must cover topics of interest to you!

Nexcerpt is a sophisticated briefing service. It monitors selected web-based sources -- yours or ours -- and extracts relevant excerpts, showing the context of your keywords. Using any browser, you select and annotate excerpts (or publish automatically) to any audience.

Below is one sample of the finished product: a Nexcerpt issue, much like the issues you'll be able to publish. This sample issue is complete with the editor's own banner, several high-value excerpts, and expert comments added by the editor -- all in just two minutes. All you need to do is provide queries, and any optional customization you choose.

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You may publish Nexcerpt as HTML, in e-mail or on the web.

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