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Your Proof helps you arrange excerpts Included from your Draft. (Proofing is optional. By default, Nexcerpt publishes automatically each day.)

Return to Draft, Proof summary.

1 You may add a Prologue and Epilogue, or add comments to any excerpt.
2 Nexcerpt allows you to Save changes you've made, or to Publish your Proof.
3 Select an action to perform on the excerpts you've checked, then click OK.
4 Each tab displays a count of excerpts it contains; click a tab to view them.
5 You may sort displayed excerpts by any column -- just click a column header.
6 You may Order excerpts by the name of the US state where they appeared.
7 Nexcerpt displays excerpts you've moved here, and comments you've added.
8 You may control the order of any excerpts you wish; others sort by score.
9 You may select any Audiences to receive an excerpt.

You may Proof your Nexcerpt Issue to organize excerpts and add your comments.

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