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Privacy Policy

What information do you collect on me?
Along with contact information you provided when creating your account, our servers also observe your browser activity. This helps us provide you quick, reliable service. We safeguard your records as we would our own.

My account reveals my interests. Will this be shared outside Nexcerpt?
No, absolutely not. Your account is private. We respect your privacy.

Note, however, that to help improve both our service and your specific results, Nexcerpt staff may review query content and performance.

Even these assurances cannot exempt us from complying with a court order. So we take extra care, for example, to encrypt your password. Upon your request, our staff may change your password — but otherwise, we'll never know it.

Aren't there people who can break into any computer?
Anything may be possible. However, Nexcerpt was designed to be extremely secure. Our engineers include professionals who test and secure computers against just such risks. Nexcerpt's physical and logical structure is as secure as today's business technology allows.

How do I keep you from selling my name or e-mail address?
It's already settled: we don't.

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