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“Nexcerpt solves some prevalent problems for knowledge workers and information managers. It provides continuous and up-to-date information, but in manageable bites. It eliminates the tedium of putting together a newsletter from diverse sources, since it is a search, editing, and publishing tool all in one. It removes the complexity of the publishing and distribution process, and it delivers useful subsets of documents, rather than a large data dump.

“What I've found to be most powerful for me is the time-savings and the flexibility of Nexcerpt. I get just the information I need, and then I can tailor the content as I see fit without spending any time. It allows me to quickly provide more value to my clients and associates...”
Craig Wortmann
Wisdom Tools

“Remember that staff of information specialists you were going to hire before the economy went south? Forget about it. Nexcerpt is the quickest way to be up and running--and outrunning the competition--in a matter of minutes.”
Robert Filipczak

“Nexcept has allowed me to track my corporation's positive earned media from across the nation. The system is easy to use and update, and has allowed me to discover articles and information that I would have never seen before using Nexcerpt.”
Jennifer Kopp
Assistant VP of Communications
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

“It's more important than ever before to prove your results and Nexcerpt definitely helps with measuring your media coverage. It's a quick, easy and reliable source for finding and saving your news clippings in an electronic format. I love getting, reading and forwarding our Nexcerpt e-mails featuring our good clips!”
Melissa Soule
Communications Director
The Nature Conservancy
Michigan Chapter

“The Nexcerpt service will be invaluable to any organization, especially to those without the resources to maintain a full time competitive intelligence staff. Many news clipping services exist on the web, but Nexcerpt allows the user to annotate daily reports and then distribute the results via e-mail or the web. Nice. Very nice.”
External Technology Specialist
Fortune 500 Chemical Company

“I have found my experience with Nexcerpt to be very beneficial and productive. My preparation of bi-weekly information e-mails updating our senior management on current market trends, competitor news, etc., was a daily, time-intensive process of manually scanning over 200 print subscriptions and monitoring various online news sites. With Nexcerpt's excellent and helpful customer support, I was able to set up audiences and automated queries that search a multitude of resources, far more than I or my staff could cover in our regular work hours. The screens are well designed, user-friendly, while being flexible and thorough in options. Customer service has checked with me regularly to make sure that the service is meeting my needs and results are of high relevance, and had been responsive to my questions and comments. Nexcerpt delivers to my desktop daily e-mails with citations and abstracts, ready for me to annotate if I wish and then send on to my reader base. I can now concentrate my time on other services that I would not be able to if Nexcerpt weren't out there working for me!”
Director, Information Research Center
The Franklin Mint

“I just published my first Nexcerpt 'Business and Competitive Intelligence' update to my team, and I am thrilled with Nexcerpt's ease of use. It felt very sleek and intuitive.

I set up my account, and it took me less than 15 minutes to select some well-targeted excerpts, review and annotate my draft, add introductory and closing comments, and publish a highly informative, professional document. Our CEO will *love* that kind of hyper-efficiency -- and I like how good it makes *me* look!

Thanks for providing such a robust, effective, and truly valuable service.”
Marcia Blake
VP Marketing
Cinemetrix, Inc.

“Anyone responsible for following an industry, company or any general subject would be well advised to take at look at Nexcerpt.com. This alerting service allows you to set up searches, edit and annotate the results and then - best of all - publish them directly to your selected audience. No more clogging up my e-mail in-box with search results that I must manually forward to selected people. Nexcerpt enables me to assign my mailing list to each search as I am setting up the parameters. Edits, changes and deletions are easy, too.

The search engine is sophisticated enough that I am able to zero in on very detailed, local data such as the use of technology in Appalachia or the energy market in various states and counties. Nexcerpt has a surprisingly complete selection of sources and from my experience, they add new ones often.

As a research librarian with over twenty-two years searching experience, I can confidently recommend using Nexcerpt whether you are a professional searcher or not.”
Corporate Librarian
Leading Research Analyst Group
New Jersey

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