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Application:  Competitive and Industry Analysis

Companies use Nexcerpt to collect and share business-critical intelligence. Nexcerpt allows companies to track industry announcements, competitors, and emerging trends.

A major management consulting firm needing to keep abreast of time-sensitive, rapidly changing industry news and analyst information chose Nexcerpt for its proactive search technology and for the effectiveness of its annotation and publishing tools. Nexcerpt allowed this firm to enhance internal cross-team communication as well as to improve external client communications. Nexcerpt also allowed this firm to consolidate firm-wide information management processes, which led to increased productivity, reduced costs, and better overall decision-making.

By using Nexcerpt, this firm was able to reorganize its entire information services operations within a few short weeks of implementation. Before Nexcerpt, a team of dedicated researchers and analysts undertook the tedious job of manually searching, clipping, editing, formatting, distributing and archiving information relevant to the company's core business. Nexcerpt freed these resources to be applied to client initiatives, and to improved team awareness of current issues.

By making information management processes more efficient, the company is able to:

Ensure that consulting teams are up-to-date on important news and industry developments.
Demonstrate expertise and provide value-added information to clients and internal teams.
Display customer focus and attentiveness to existing clients.
Recognize savings and improved productivity through more efficient and effective processes.
Free resources and employees to be applied to higher value projects and tasks.

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