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Application:  Lead Generation

Businesses use Nexcerpt to gain customer insight, identify value-added selling opportunities, cultivate leads, and maintain existing relationships. Organizations leverage Nexcerpt to publish up-to-date, industry-relevant information in branded, stylized e-mails or newsletters to prospects and customers. Important messages are highlighted and strengthened by adding expert commentary.

An economic development group seeking to enhance the effectiveness of its sales force chose Nexcerpt to assist salespeople in finding and closing new business opportunities. The company also recognized Nexcerpt's value in ongoing relationship management with existing accounts.

By leveraging the timely and relevant information returned by Nexcerpt, the sales force gains customer insight toward creative and innovative solution selling. Nexcerpt's publishing feature allows further differentiation. The sales force is able to share relevant industry data, coupled with value-added commentary, with both prospects and existing accounts. Nexcerpt also fosters teamwork and collaboration internally, as salespeople share and discuss ideas for cultivating new business.

By leveraging time-sensitive and relevant data, the company is better able to meet its revenue targets by:

Identifying opportunities to initiate or to renew sales dialogue.
Better preparing salespeople to offer consultative sales solutions.
Demonstrating industry expertise to prospective accounts.
Displaying customer focus and attentiveness to existing accounts.
Improving sales coverage and productivity by freeing time to work with prospects and existing accounts.
Ensuring that the sales organization is up-to-date on important news and industry developments.

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