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Application:  Membership Enhancement

A prominent industry association wishing to improve communication with its large member constituency chose Nexcerpt for its flexible newsletter publishing functionality. The association also discovered that offering Nexcerpt accounts to its members was a prized member benefit.

With Nexcerpt's annotation and publishing functionality, the association adds expert interpretation and commentary to relevant current events. With one-click publishing, the association's members are kept informed of important developments. They better understand the significance of these events, and what the association does on their behalf.

This exemplary communication also is an effective recruiting tool. The association shares their Nexcerpt reports with prospective members, who witness firsthand the benefits of membership.

By delivering such relevant and up-to-date information, the association is able to:

Recruit new members and retain current members, thereby increasing revenue and influence.
Project expertise and provide value-added information to its constituents.
Showcase accomplishments and communicate future strategy.
Build consensus on important issues requiring member involvement.
Provide a prized member benefit and demonstrate technological leadership.
Extend branding and identity by regularly delivering branded content to a large readership.
Benefit from viral marketing as members produce and forward informative, co-branded communications.

pdf You may view a pdf version of this document which includes sample output and further details.

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