“We quickly became a very big fan of Nexcerpt. We think that the human intelligence that went into creating the product, the analytical tools, the annotation and publishing features, and its overall design make this a superb tool for business information professionals...”
The Information Advisor

“In my long career as an editor, I have only once used my editorial page to applaud a product. That occasion was the "Killer Product" editorial in the July/August 1991 issue of Database Searcher. Well, with the arrival of a new century, I guess it's time for a salute to a second "killer product." Nexcerpt...”
Searcher Magazine

Nexcerpt is a sophisticated news monitoring and briefing service. Using curated web sources -- yours or ours -- it discovers tens of thousands of newly published articles and papers each day. Nexcerpt isolates passages that match your personal interests, and stores those most relevant excerpts, along with links to their source.

Nexcerpt provides quality news clippings you want, in the format you need.

More than a news clipping service, Nexcerpt helps you manage the most valuable excerpts to your advantage. Using any browser, you may select and annotate certain excerpts, then publish directly to any audience. (Or, Nexcerpt can select the best, according to your own criteria, and publish them automatically!) You can contact your clients, prospects, and employees with truly useful information; influence their awareness of events you know are important; or write a valuable newsletter in a few minutes, any day.

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