How Nexcerpt is different, better, and more responsive

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We're more useful, diverse, customizable, and responsive than other services. Here's how.

Nexcerpt is consistently useful.
 • Discovering millions of articles each month continuously since 2001.
 • Daily monitoring of 6,000 human-selected, quality sources worldwide.
 • Aggressive, persistent de-duping of sources, articles, and excerpts.
Why monitor "the most" sources? Nexcerpt monitors the best sources! Nexcerpt avoids sports scores, fluff pieces, comment spam -- the same content you would avoid.
Nexcerpt is thoroughly diverse.
 • Emphasis on business, technical, opinion, health, and local reports.
 • Constant evolution to balance great professional and expert sources.
 • Diverse array of government, education and corporate press releases.
Why limit yourself to headlines? Nexcerpt finds all the articles. Many services limit you to the sources' RSS offerings. Nexcerpt digs far beyond RSS feeds, to discover a full range of topics and reporting.
Nexcerpt is easily customizable.
 • Create and control up to ten queries of any length or complexity.
 • Select and prioritize which sources to monitor, by theme or name.
 • Send to multiple audiences, with clippings prioritized automatically.
 • Automate delivery, or organize and comment on new excerpts -- or both.
Why send all your audiences the same material, or in the same format? Nexcerpt offers you contact with multiple audiences, using e-mail, web publishing, RSS, or XML.
Nexcerpt is uniquely responsive
 • Suggest sources you want to see! Try that with "the big guys" :-)
 • Free, fast, personal help with queries, sources and "technical stuff."
 • Best value: starts at $200 monthly for full features; no per-clip fee.
Why abandon yourself to what a computer wants you to do? Nexcerpt welcomes your suggested sources, technical questions, customization requests -- even your price point.

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