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Nexcerpt uses revolutionary technology to quickly and cost-effectively deliver relevant intelligence to help you get and retain customers.

Demonstrate an understanding of your customer's business - Timely delivery of the most up-to-date information shows customers and prospects that you are on top of their most recent developments. And, it can give you a reason to reconnect with idle leads.
Shorten the sales cycle or enhance customer retention - Provide your prospects or customers with information relevant to them and keep you and your company top-of-mind.
Identify potential new leads - Daily delivery of relevant industry news provides an ongoing stream of new sales opportunities.
Seamlessly share critical information - Intuitive publishing tool lets you create a customized, branded news report in minutes. You can send reports manually or automate daily delivery.
Create reports people will read - Proprietary technology extracts the most relevant excerpts from each clip that matches your search criteria. Full article text is only a click away.
Get the information you need without blowing your budget - A very competitive monthly fee with no per-clip charge makes Nexcerpt an affordable industry monitoring solution.

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